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Men's Fashion: A Woman's Perspective



Who said that men can’t be high maintenance? There is nothing like a dignified tailored suit, nice tie, wing tip shoes, and an eye catching time piece to make any woman raise a brow and another do a double take. He is the clean cut, well groomed guy in your office that you have noticed a lot lately.  Like women, more men are becoming more versatile. From Polo shirts, to Ralph Lauren suits, guys have become just as high maintenance as women, if not more.  With matching cuff links and socks, guys are making appearances as if they just stepped off the red carpet.  So what exactly makes guys GQ Magazine ready?


You’re the nine to five Wall Street guy who wouldn’t be caught in the board room without a well tailored suit and a matching handkerchief. A nicely crisp ironed shirt and a tie that hangs at a perfect medium to your belt that signifies that you are very conscious about your appearance. Socks, which no one sees, but you know must match just in case, for a brief second your pant leg raises. Shoes, if you don’t have the latest in the office who does?  You’re also that brother who can kick it with the fellas and wear a pair of Creative Recs, Timberlands, Jordan’s, or Converse with a nice pique shirt and still have the confidence of a bull! Sunglasses are your favorite accessory while you’re dressed down, and you never forget your watch. The key to a man’s style is versatility. A man that can alter from one look to another is indeed a fashionable guy in my opinion but wait there’s more….


So you have your versatile outfits, but wait do you have your accessories that will compliment and complete the look? 



Long gone are the days of cuff links being something that just the deacons of the church wore or your grandfather when you were ten. Guys have begun savvying up and even buying personalized cuff links. From initialized cuff links, to ones symbolizing money, it’s a trend that is on the rise. 



When a guy sits down there is nothing like the raise of his pant leg to expose his argyle socks. Bold pinks, loud greens, peachy oranges, and or just classic blue are becoming more popular as guys continue to accessorize and push the fashion envelope. When a guy matches in every aspect, he is a well put together man.



Finally, every man should own at least two ties. Both blue and black ties are basic colors that can be very tasteful.  If a guy is feeling a bit trendier, a bold red or pink will make a statement.  However no guy is restricted to just long ties. Bow ties are becoming a hot commodity and everyone is wearing them and not just Muslims. Every style, color, and print in a bowtie is made to order. Do you dare push the edge? Accessories seal the deal every time. No matter where you’re going, it’s important to always look and feel your best. Don’t let a boring ensemble kill your class! Sure he has the same jacket, but knocks the ball out of the park and accessorize!



Keisha J. Kelley

Instagram: @fashionistajunkie32


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