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Skin Care for Men of Color

Recently I have had some minor skin challenges with it being hot outside and looking for a good product to help smooth out my situation.  I happened to come upon Solo Noir a skin care company that makes skin care products for ethnic men.  First of all I was impressed by the packaging and when I used the products I loved them.  We reached out to Andrea Polk the company founder to get more information on Solo Noir so we can inform our customers on their great products.  If you are like me and want clear smooth skin be sure to read this blog and support Solo Noir, you won't be disappointed.  

Solo Noir, a skin care product line for ethnic men is a newbie in the market but they are making some major heads turn.  Within just a few months they have landed a partnership contract with #32 on the Bears Kahlil Bell, and landed on the shelves in a few local businesses all in the hopes of becoming a market leader in the urban skin care arena. Solo Noir features five 2-in-1 products that help moisturize and protect, address ingrown hairs, and promote a healthy appearance.  The product although small in number pack a big punch in volume, Solo Noir features a facial cleanser/toner, exfoliante/cleanser, pre-shave/shave cream, aftershave/toner, and skin smoother/conditioner. 

Solo Noir is not just a skin care product it's a lifestyle change for most men that don't already have a skin care regimen, and they provide the platform for men to be educated them on proper grooming through their many social media outlets.  Solo Noir has a very interesting concept in tieing in the lifestyle empowerment piece into their products, they have named all their products after positive attributes of men; Dapper, Sleek, Smooth, Refined, and Brave.    

Products in a Glimpse-

REFINED- 2-in-1 facial buff/cleanse cleanses the skin and remove dead skin cells from this skin, minimizing the occurance of ingrown hairs.

DAPPER- 2-in-1 facial wash/toner cleanses and tones the skin, using natural ingrediants such as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel designed to cleanse the skin without stripping away the skin's natural moisture.

SLEEK- 2-in-1 pre-shave/shave cream, is a great product, one that I find pretty interesting.  You can actually use Sleek as a pre-shave or a regular shaving cream so it caters to both men that use clippers and a razor.  When used as a pre-shave you can apply with warm water, let it set for a minute then rinse and dry, follow this process by shaving with a clipper.  When using a razor, apply then shave in the direction of your hair growth.

BRAVE- 2-in-1 aftershave/toner is a great refresher after you have shaved or cleansed your skin.  Unlike other aftershaves this product doesn't burn or irritate the skin when using.  It has natural ingredients such as black willow bark that disinfect nicks and cuts caused from shaving.

SMOOTH- 2-in-1 skin conditioner/smoother is a moisturizer that softens both your skin and facial hair, it contains Vitamin E that gives your skin the nourishment it needs daily.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience with Solo Noir their 100% organic skin care line is great for my sensitive skin. I hope you take a moment to check out Solo Noir’s website, and purchase some of their products, I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I did!

Solo Noir has also been gracious enough to do a product giveaway!  Follow the tweets and check on Facebook to learn how you can win a 1.oz travel package gift from Solo Noir.  This contest ends July 24, 2012.

 Be sure to follow them on twitter: @solornoirformen 

 Facebook: solonoirformen

1.oz giveaway pictured with carrying bag and shaving cream brush



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