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The Big Knot & The Short Tie Dilemma


The “Big Knot” or Full Windsor knot look has been widely popular over past few years for men’s necktie knots.  One problem in this area of men’s dress is that you usually have to compromise the length of your tie to achieve this look.  First of all the Full Windsor knot is not accomplished by the size of the knot, but rather by the style in which you tie your tie so the larger the knot does not actually qualify it for the Full Windsor although it does provide a fuller look than most knots. 

For those who like the “Big Knot” look it is more about displaying the pattern of the tie to make an impact but, there is a point where it can be to BIG!  First of all gentlemen let me say this if you are trying to tie a larger knot and the end of your tie extends only two inches down your tie is tied to short.  Or if it looks like you have a dinner plate under your shirt collar your knot is too big!   Somehow this look has become acceptable as an actual style that I have heard people refer to as the short tie, HUH, SMH, WTH! and anything else you can think of?  This is wrong on a couple of different levels so please let me explain.  First on a professional level if you walk on a job interview or a formal setting with you tie tied like this you will be looked at like you are crazy and people will probably laugh at you when you leave the room.  Next as far as men’s dress etiquette is concerned your tie should extend to the belt line of your dress pants and no longer than one inch below or one inch above, the exception of this depends on your body structure as well.

So now you are probably saying I still want the look of being able to tie a larger knot on my tie so what do I do?  I am a firm believer that if you are going to complain about something have a way to solve the problem or at least offer a suggestion.  To solve this issue we went to the drawing board and designed the Windsor Collection.  This collection of neckwear was specifically designed to allow you to tie a larger size knot and still have the full length on your tie.  What’s even better is you don’t even have to know how to tie a Windsor knot and you can still achieve the look you want.  For those who don’t really care for the larger knot look you can still tie it in a more conservative knot.  They are also perfect for Big & Tall gentlemen because the extra length allows the ties to reach to the belt line or close to it.   There are other brands that offer a “Big Knot” tie but of course I’m partial to Windsor Neckwear for obvious reasons. 

At the end of the day when you dress just do it right, the last thing we want is for you to go out in public and have people laugh behind your back.  Now that you know you can do something about it because the short tie look is not a good one. Here you can see an example of the wrong way to do it and then an example of a necktie from the Windsor Collection. 


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