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Pocket Square Etiquette "To Match Or Not To Match" That is the ?

 Many people ask us all of the time, do you sell matching pocket squares?  The answer to that question is no, not that we don't offer pocket squares that match some of our ties and bow ties we just never recommend them together.  Before I start this let me say that style is a personal matter and you may do what you please BUT there is always a proper way to do something whether you do it or not.  

I know it may seem like a good idea to have a matching pocket square to go along with your tie or bow tie but the truth is in popular dress it is not acceptable.  

The sole purpose of the pocket square is to compliment the tie or bow tie.  If you wear a tie that has a pattern or print simply choose a color from the color palette for your pocket square that will coordinate with it.  An easy way to pick is to go a shade or two lighter or darker that the color you want to highlight.  If you are wearing a tie or bow tie that is a solid color jazz up your look by wearing a patterned pocket square, or if you are like me I love to wear a patterned tie with a complimentary patterned pocket square.  One rule of thumb is that you can't go wrong with a white cotton pocket square especially for a formal occasion.  One of the hot new trends in to use a bandanna for a pocket square which is a really cool edgy take on the traditional pocket square.  

Pocket squares can also be used by themselves, they are one of the best accessories in men's dress.  You don't always have to wear a pocket square when only wearing a tie or bow tie, they add a wonderful look to a sport coat or blazer for business casual days.  They are great with your favorite pair of jeans and a blazer to add a little spice to your ensemble.  There are many ways to fold a pocket square as well one of my favorites is just the flat fold, or straight fold which some may call it the "Mad Men" look.  There is also the puff, four points, and many others or you can just do your own look.   


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