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Welcome to Windsor Neckwear

Windsor Neckwear is the standard of style, exclusivity, and originality in men's neckwear.  It is our mission to provide ties, bow ties, and accessories that allow today's modern man the ability to "Stand Out While Fitting In".  We provide only limited edition neckties and bow ties in product runs of no more than 50 pieces per style and color pallet.  It is our guarantee that once a design sells out we never reproduce that particular item.

Why Windsor Neckwear

  1. QualityWindsor Neckwear takes great pride in providing high quality products to our customers.  All of our neckties and bow ties are made with attention to detail and high pic counts for superior fabric quality and construction.
  2. Customer Service Windsor Neckwear prides itself on providing our customers with excellent customer service and communication.  We have a three step communication process when our customers make an order.  They receive an initial email confirming their order, an email when their order ships and various customers receive a phone call from one of the owners to personally thank them for their business and to ensure they are happy with their products.  This three tier ordering system has proven very successful in building relationships and customer loyalty.
  3. Value: Windsor Neckwear believes that we sell our products on value and not price.  We offer high quality limited edition neckties and bow ties in quantities of 25 to 50 pieces per style.  Most companies that offer a limited edition necktie or bow tie starts their prices at $100 and up.  At Windsor Neckwear we believe that offering a superior value to our customers at a reasonable price point which adds extreme value to our brand.  We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure quality first and that the product will speak for itself, the price is just a benefit of doing business with Windsor Neckwear.
  4. Design: Windsor Neckwear offers neckties and bow ties with exquisite design, color, fabric texture, and patterns we take the time to select each color and pattern from conservative to trendy we have something for everyone.  Each item is thoroughly thought out to match multiple items in a man’s wardrobe.  We design to make each item compatible with at least two suit colors.  Additionally we offer custom design logo necktie and bow tie services for businesses, organizations, and fraternities.   
  5. Mission: Provide products that allow today's modern man the ability to “Stand out while fitting in”.  We believe that it is important to offer accessories that bestow a man to the opportunity to express his individual style through fashion in a manner that causes him to stand out from the crowd in a positive light.  With this one goal in mind Windsor Neckwear continues to evolve and grow as a brand by continued commitment to grow and create new products that will meet this mission we have set forth to accomplish. 


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